Kingdom Family Talks with Leif Hetland

Kingdom Family Talks with Leif Hetland

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Ep. 140 – Revival in Cuba
November 29, 2022

For 22 years Global Mission Awareness has partnered with our kingdom family in the beautiful nation of Cuba. There are countless stories to tell and memories to share. Today we…

Ep. 139 – Faithfulness of the Father
November 21, 2022

During this time of thanksgiving we want to partake in the power of the spoken testimony. We have the honor of listening to testimonies every week of lives that have

Ep. 138 – Renewing Your Spiritual Passion
November 09, 2022

The Father is asking a question in this hour. Do you love Me? This question is not because He lacks the answer. He wants you to allow Him to search

Ep. 137 – Q & A Session: Paul Yadao, Leif & Jennifer Hetland, Heidi Baker
October 20, 2022

We have the honor of sharing this very special podcast with you. Its from our question and answer session at the Unite 2022 Love Awakening Conference Castlerock, CO. We get

Ep. 136 – History That Leads to Destiny
October 04, 2022

In this follow up Leif shares some of the additional keys he received from his trip to Rwanda. We must learn what time we are in and learn from history.

Ep. 135 – The Miracle Key of Forgiveness feat. Leif Hetland & Micah Tuegel
September 22, 2022

Recently, I visited the beautiful nation of Rwanda to minister to the Catholics in Kigali. What I didnt realize is that I would go there and leave better off than

Ep. 134 – Prevailing Hope feat. Jennifer Hetland
September 08, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself, Why is my dream falling apart? Well, my friend, you are not alone. In an honest talk, Jennifer Hetland pours out a message from the

Ep. 133 – Transitions and Transformation feat. Paul Yadao
August 24, 2022

The transitions we go through in life can lead to transformation if we walk in surrender. The prophet Isaiah experienced a powerful transformation in his lifetime. In a transition of

Ep. 132 – Here Come the Roaring Lambs
August 09, 2022

As the nations shake, Papa God is awakening His children to love and calling them to rise and shine. Theres a stirring coming from the secret place that God wants

Ep. 131 – Navigating Storms: The War on Trust
July 26, 2022

Have you ever noticed, that there is a war against rest? Sometimes it seems like storms of this life take us by surprise, but Papa God is never overwhelmed. If