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Travel & Covid19
May 02, 2020

Covid19 has had us all cancel many trips.   Some of the biggest world events have been affected.   On this episode I speak with Mauricio of to check out his travel plans for the rest of the year.   Next year is going to be a big trav.

Family - Men are Silent Contributors
March 29, 2020

Episode 9 is in!! -I talk about a family, specifically the the 2 biggest reasons why Men are absent from their kid's lives. Touch on the importance of fatherhood and the need to help move the average of fatherless kids down. This is the first episode in .

Physical well being
June 30, 2019

On this Episode we talk to Anthony Rosado of Pro Strength & Recovery LLC.  He combines a decade of physical fitness training experience with love and passion for his craft and clients we should all experince!  Please visit his business's Website at prost.

June 21, 2019

On this Episode we talk to Mauricio of @BeTheWorld_Travel.   You can follow him @Mauricio_Travels on IG.   The conversation will enlighten you on many amazing aspects of travel.  

Thought - Rock & Tree
April 08, 2019

A thought on the current topic to add a perspective.   We have both female and male energy inside of us.   Learning to use them on demand is called Emotional Intelligence.  Its the stuff that can get you into or out of trouble.   Learn more about it!

Female & Male Energy
April 08, 2019

In my first collaboration, Melissa of the #ReLayshonsPodcast and I sit down and talk about the everlasting conversation of female and male energies.   The way society perceives the various emotional tools we utilize on a every day basis, among other thin.

Female God
March 11, 2019

Have female deities ever been given the proper amount of worship and respect they deserve?   there seems to  be a distant past when we used to worship women.   The shift towards a Male dominated civilization is rather knew.   We explore Sophia, for some .

Full Circle
February 19, 2019

lets dab into the concept of a circle as a spiritual symbol, from a different perspective.   We can use it to help us explain the realm(s) where it operates.  Some things make sense in some places and not others, just ask the circle it defines itself. 

February 08, 2019

Fundamental Truths
January 31, 2019