Kiki Said It

Kiki Said It

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Your spiritual closet is getting full, boo... start sorting your $h!t TODAYYY
September 13, 2019

tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a = the fear of 13. But, the only thing you should be afraid of is NOT taking advantage of the innerg the universe is sending to guide your ability to release/replace today. I'm feeling compelled to get all in your face for Friday th

The Self-Talk Challenge: Change your raggedy tone!
May 20, 2019

You may not want other people to talk to you like a child, but have you considered maybe you should talk to yourself like one??? Listen up, you might need to check your self-talk tone. --- Support this podcast:

Overthinkers Anonymous anyone?
January 24, 2019

I know I'm not the only one who's productivity gets blocked by stupid over thinking.

And so it begins!
January 15, 2019

A raw, unfiltered, unedited introductory to who you're listening to. --- Support this podcast: