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Rescues Episode Two
March 10, 2020

In Episode Two of "Rescues" we find out a LOT more about Danny's mysterious new pet.  And it gets a name.

Rescues Episode One
March 02, 2020

Welcome to KidPod Theater's production of "Rescues" by Sam French!  Danny Mikkelson is thirteen and just starting to help her mother, Kay with their dog rehabilitation business.  Danny finds a badly wounded stray alongside the road and it doesn’t take ...

Molly Moth Saves Christmas
December 16, 2019

Molly Moth Saves Christmas by Amy Weaver What if you were the only Moth in a school full of butterflies?  That’s exactly the situation for Molly Moth.  She stands out like a grey thumb, the other kids make fun of her,

KidPod Teaser
October 02, 2019

KidPod Teaser Welcome to KidPod Theater!  We are in the midst of building our pipelines and gateways to some fantastic audio entertainment.  Here's a little morsel for your listening pleasure.