Industrial AI Podcast

Industrial AI Podcast

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Generate Data for a GenAI Design-Approach
June 12, 2024

We spent two days at the "AI with purpose summit" and look back. The main part is about GenAI Design with Shahroz Khan. He is R&D Lead by Bar Technologies in the UK.

Industrial AI: Time Series, ick hör dir trapsen
June 05, 2024

In this episode we talk about Timeseries and in the main part Prof. Dr. Marco Huber from IPA and Marc Zller from GFT explain how their Timeseries AutoML tool works.

AWS: Combine traditional ML use cases and GenAI
May 29, 2024

Our guest is Danny Smith. He is a Principal Strategist at AWS and looks with us at the industry's strategy when it comes to AI.

How Continental identifies industrial AI use cases
May 22, 2024

Our guest is Dubravko Dolic. He is the Global Team Lead Applied Analytics & AI at Continental Tires. He explains the Continental approach to identify AI use cases.

Trumpf's Industrial AI strategy
May 15, 2024

Our guest is Tom Schneider, Head of R&D at Trumpf. He explains to Peter Seeberg what Trumpf's AI strategy looks like, which products he is developing with his team and why the machine manufacturer can

The xLSTM paper and a 2D Grasping solution
May 07, 2024

Peter Seeberg and Robert Weber talk about Hochreiter's xLSTM paper, about Schunk's 2D Grasping Solution with GenAI Labeling, about revenues with LLMs and answer questions.

Hope for Europe: The State of AI Talent Report
May 01, 2024

Where are the talents, where are they going, how are industrial companies performing to attract them , why are the Netherlands, Germany and the Scandinavian countries attracting more talents again? We

AI explains Source Code
April 24, 2024

Our guest is Dr. Josef Waltl. He is the CEO of Software Defined Automation and explains us, how GenAI can help you to understand old PLC code.

Beckhoff launches an AutoML tool
April 21, 2024

Robert Weber talked to Dr. Fabian Bause from Beckhoff about their new AutoML tool. The first step will focus on vision, followed by timeseries.

What's going on with the Industrial AI Podcast?
April 17, 2024

It's Thursday and you're waiting for an Industrial AI podcast episode. But there won't be an episode today because the Hannover Messe starts on Monday and we have an AI premiere. You can look forward