Keeping the Well in Well-thy

Keeping the Well in Well-thy

The DNA Dialogue: Testing, Traits, and Truth with Dr. Neil Lamb (Ep. 33)

December 21, 2023

Are you curious about what makes up your DNA? Where did your great-grandparents originate from? Have you ever done one of those swab tests or spit in a test tube to find out your ancestry?

In this episode, Barbara Archer is joined by Dr. Neil Lamb, President of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, about genetics and genomics. They discuss the differences between genetics and genomics, the importance of genetic testing, the protection of genetic data, and the potential benefits and limitations of ancestry testing. Dr. Lamb also shares his personal experience with genetic testing and emphasizes the need for better integration of genetic information into healthcare decision-making. 

Dr. Neil Lamb discusses: 

  • Power of genetic information in medical treatment and prevention strategies
  • Protection of genetic data and risks of posting on open-access websites
  • Pharmacogenetics and its role in determining medication response
  • Reasons for taking ancestry tests and the limitations of genetic information in identity and cultural connections
  • Resources for understanding genetics and genomics
  • And more


Connect with Dr. Neil Lamb:

Connect with Barbara: 

About Our Guest: 

Dr. Neil Lamb, president of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, a nonprofit research institute located in Huntsville, Alabama, that leverages the synergy between discovery, education, medicine, and economic development in genomic sciences to improve the human condition around the globe.

Before being named president, Dr. Lamb served as the Institute’s Vice President for Educational Outreach, where his team reached more than a million learners of all ages each year across the nation. For this, he has been recognized for his numerous contributions to the field of science education, being recognized most recently with an award for Excellence in Human Genetics genomics.

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