Keeping It Real w/ God’s Love

Keeping It Real w/ God’s Love

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Going to church vs building your relationship with God
November 02, 2022

Hey, Kingdom fam I am so glad you have tuned in for another segment. Have you ever been asked, do you go to church vs how is your relationship with Father God. Especially when the Holy Spirit takes over. Stay tuned! Also if you have prayer request

Prayer banned?
October 22, 2022

I was scrolling through the new feed and realized that the Supreme Court might banned prayers. Can you imagine how livid I am? What would happened if prayer is ban, what could it mean for this nation? Stay tune when the Holy Spirit decides to take over!!!

October 13, 2022

Your sister queen is is back, its been a long hectic of a year for many of us. When you receive instructions from the Heavenly Father how do you receive it. Do you feel like your lost at times? Do you follow or ignore? --- Send in a voice message: ht

General Topic of God & the government
September 21, 2021

Hi, GPs(Gods Party) hope all is well. I know a lot has happened since the pandemic. This is the time we should get closer to God and stand up to the government based on their heresy. They have an agenda that they are trying to accomplish. Dont believe m

Upcoming elections/spiritual experiences
November 06, 2020

What will happen during the election?--- Send in a voice message:

Dreams of Rapture?
February 27, 2020

Is the end of the almost near? Have you ever wondered if youll be accepted in the kingdom of God. Stay tuned in this segment --- Send in a voice message:

What is your resolution to God?
January 14, 2020

Every New Years, we have a resolution that we would like to follow throughout the year & so forth! But, what about a resolution to God... stay tuned and find out on this segment?--- Send in a voice message:

Celebrating our SAVIOR JESUS
December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

Enemy in my martial home
November 06, 2019

During Valentines Day the enemy has been in my martial home and I cannot shake it off! --- Send in a voice message:

Ep 7: Parkland shooting/ Happy Valentines Day
November 06, 2019

Welcome to my podcast, this episode is bittersweet its about the year after the Parkland shooting. Including the support of the movement with gun control...keep the victims in your prayers . Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY