Kar Dishin' It: All Things Kardashian

Kar Dishin' It: All Things Kardashian

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KUWTK | S20E14 – “The Final Curtain – Pt.2”
June 28, 2021

Just like Boyz II Men foretold, we’ve reached the “End of the Road.” Somehow we’re here and wow, what a journey together!!! Marcy and Jess dive into the final piece of KUWTK content all together: “The Final Curtain Pt.

KUWTK | S20E13 – “The Final Curtain – Pt.1”
June 21, 2021

What a delight our dear Andy Cohen is for bringing his unmatched reunion skills to our beloved KarJenners! It’s a joy and Part 1 of the tell-all is filled with some good behind the scenes stories…. while definitely still keeping things tidy.

KUWTK | S20E12
June 14, 2021

WOW, IT’S HERE. The end of the road, folks! Not for this podcast, just yet, but for our dear Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This week’s series finale is a tearjerker for sure as we get some resolution on the future of Skourt,

KUWTK | S20E11
June 08, 2021

It’s really the end of the road! …. Almost! We’ve got a little time left with our dear KUWTK as well as some updates on our next venture together, L is for Losers! This week, the gang heads to Lake Tahoe for a last family trip and there’s all kinds of ...

KUWTK | S20E10
May 31, 2021

Summer is kicking off right as we head towards the final eps of KUWTK! This week’s news has shakeups at Kylie Cosmetics, Travis stirring the pot as it relates to Amelia + Scott, Kim getting called out by North, and plenty more.

May 24, 2021

We’re nearing the end of our last season but having a damn blast on the way. This week, we’ve got Kourt being called out for being crappy to nannies, figuring out how to let the kids know they’re on a reality TV show,

May 17, 2021

It’s time to learn who runs the beloved IG account @NorisBlackBook in this week’s ep of KUWTK, along with worrying about what will happen to Scott after the show ends and Khloe’s surrogacy anxiety. And in the week’s news,

May 10, 2021

This is a tough one, guys! In this week’s ep of KUWTK, we watch the fam decide to end the E! show and tell their longtime crew after 13 years together. Heartwrenching! We’ve also got some nice cameos/Housewives crossover from Kris’s longtime BFFs Faye ...

News Week
May 03, 2021

There’s no new ep of KUWTK this week so we take the time to sift more thoroughly through the week’s KarJenner headlines! We’ve got another Tristan cheating scandal, Kim getting compared to Jeffree Star, Kendall and Kourt getting drunk on 818,

April 26, 2021

Well, guess what? We found out there’s actually a bunch more KUWTK eps left in this last season! Wahoo! That means you’ll also get more Kar Dishin’ It before we head off to L is for Losers land! We sift through this week’s news,