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Episode 12: Preservation Realty - Downtown Kankakee Economic Development
July 26, 2021

Old Midland States Bank Building at the corning of Schuyler and Station Street in Kankakee. Pope Brace Building on South Washington Avenue near Court Street in Kankakee. We take a deep dive into the m

Episode 11: 1920s Prohibition from Chicago to Kankakee
July 19, 2021

Schuyler Avenue in downtown Kankakee in the 1920s. It's that time of the month already where we are joined by the Kankakee County Museum to put out a special episode of Kankakee Podcast! Executive Dir

Episode 10: The Globetrotting Martin Sisters with Ryan Hall
July 12, 2021

Ryan Hall holding a picture of his great great aunts, Mable & Lula Martin.  A few weeks ago I received a message on the Jake LaMore Facebook Page from a guy named, Ryan Hall. He told me how much he en

Episode 9: Musa Man (Zion Ali)
July 05, 2021

Left to Right: Musa Man (Zion Ali) and his good friend, Joe Martin. I've always believed it's super important to support local original music. As you can imagine, it's extremely difficult to launch a

Episode 8: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Molly Ehrich
June 28, 2021

Several months ago I saw my fellow 2009 Bishop McNamara High School classmate, Molly Ehrich, post a status on Facebook stating that she was going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Mind you, this isn't some excursion you attempt to do on a Sunday afternoon. .

Episode 7: The Inception of Kankakee County
June 21, 2021

High-angle view of downtown Kankakee, taken from the City National Bank building (at Court & Schuyler). View is to southeast, toward Kankakee County Courthouse. Probably taken between 1912 and 1920. Photo provided by the Kankakee County Museum. I’m excit.

Episode 6: Lupe Carroll
June 14, 2021

When I first started developing the idea of Kankakee Podcast in the fall of 2020, I knew I wanted Lupe Carroll to write the theme song. There was no doubt in my mind that Lupe had the voice and songwriting style I was looking for. So on this episode, we .

Episode 5: Mike Tomano
June 07, 2021

I was one year into my broadcasting career when I first met Mike Tomano in 2015. I hosted the midday show on River Country 101.7 FM and Mike was hired to do the morning show. At that point, Mike had been out of radio for a year or so and wanted to give i.

Episode 4: The Story of Col. James H. Kasler
May 31, 2021

Colonel James H. Kasler. Photo from the United States Air Force. Today, as we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country, we also learn about the story of the late Colonel James H. Kasler. While the Colonel didn.

Episode 3: Kent Wade
May 24, 2021

Kent Wade, Public Speaker. I first met Kent Wade when I was doing a video shoot in December of 2020. Eric Peterson had asked both of us to be in a “Dad Joke Battle” video to support Toys For Tots. It turned out we had something in common other than be.