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Just Saying - The BRIEF Lab

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Call back Episode – Ep. 263 – Meetings redesigned and redefined
November 27, 2023

Many of the meetings we attend or lead simply need to be completely blown up and rebuilt entirely. Maybe the original intent has been altered, or we have fallen into a rhythm and routine and lowered t

Call back Episode – Episode 214 Thanksgiving: notes of gratitude
November 19, 2023

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to gather and celebrate with family and friends. This time of year (all the time, for that matter) is a great time to quietly contemplate and take note of all

Ep. 308 Highly Recommended (why these two words are priceless)
November 12, 2023

A recent recommendation from a colleague stopped me in my tracks. His two simple words made me not only heed his advice but also pause to think about the power of deliberate, direct counsel for profes

Ep. 307 – Collaboration chaos: making time in the office matter
November 05, 2023

Quality collaboration counts more than ever when workers arent in the office every day. Whether they are hybrid or fully remote, the time they have together (in person or online) is precious. In this

Ep. 306 – Return-to-office mandates won’t work
October 29, 2023

CEOs are delusional to think they can order employees back to the office and turn back the clock. We live in a hybrid world now and employees are resisting the call not just because of the flexibility

Call Back Episode – Ep 268 – Running from time (not out of it)
October 22, 2023

Busy people are always complaining about how little time they have. In reality, they have plenty of time yet run from it and spend bits and pieces of their day creating and consuming noise. In this we

Ep. 305 – Speaking to Different Audiences Simultaneously
October 15, 2023

Over the years, I have counseled many senior leaders on how to develop and deliver a clear and concise message. Whether it was unveiling a new product or strategy, sharing their value proposition, or

Ep. 304 – The Beauty of the One-pager
October 08, 2023

Imagine the simplicity and power of someone promising to distill all the information you need and putting it on just one page. These executive summaries, whether they be a single PowerPoint slide or a

Ep. 303 – Quiet Works for BRIEF Teams
October 01, 2023

Taking a course at The BRIEF Lab leads many professionals to breakthroughs with co-workers, clients, and bosses. Yet, our busy lives squeeze out any chance to slow down and take the needed time to dev

Ep. 302 – Digital detoxes and collaboration toll cleanses
September 24, 2023

We are all glued to our smartphones and constantly connected to tools that drive collaborative teamwork. But when you add it all up, is it too much? Is it reasonable, or even desirable, to want to det