Just Kiddin'

Just Kiddin'

Interview with Randy and Dave

November 08, 2021

This episode of Just Kiddin’ features Randy and Dave versus John and Dan in a main event on songwriting as they discuss their fourth and newest album “Giggle and Burp Ballet!”

Randy (Sharp) is a Grammy winning songwriter whose songs have been #1 hits for Reba McEntire, Emmy Lou Harris, Clay Walker, Dolly Parton and more. Dave (Kinnoin) has eight award winning children’s recordings of his own and has composed dozens of songs for the likes of Big Bird, Kermit The Frog, The Bear In The Big Blue House and Larry the Cucumber! Their humor is contagious on this new co-creation of delectable songs about Cranky Children, a lovelorn fly separated by a screen door from his heart’s desire, Scratching, Gubble Bum and on and on. These guys are crazy funny and this album will make you giggle and burp!

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