Just Kiddin'

Just Kiddin'

Interview with Dana

October 22, 2021

CHILD magazine calls her energy and enthusiasm “contagious” and named Dana as one of the “Top Five Kids’ Singers You Should Know.” Over the past twenty years, children across America have been singing, stomping, jumping and cheering as Dana has performed across the nation with her upbeat tunes and bubbly personality. 

John and Dan had such a blast interviewing their friend Dana about her wonderful new album, A PLACE TO CALL HOME! This “National Parenting Publications (NAPPA)” five time Gold Award Winner and engaging entertainer has delivered a top notch collection of tunes about the sky, the sea, the wetlands and underground tunnels in musical styles ranging from Reggae to Bluegrass to a Bossa Nova. Everybody needs a place to call home. Dana takes you there! 

Find out more about Dana at www.danasmusicplayground.com and on www.facebook.com/danasmusicplayground/

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