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Presenting: Civilized
March 27, 2023

Hey everyone! We wanted to shout out one of our favorite shows from a truly wonderful group of creative powerhouses: Civilized! (They won a Webby, which is more than we can say). You might recognize t

Announcement: Jupiter Saloon Theme Song Available on Vinyl!
February 16, 2023

Our theme song, “Satellite Girls” by Love Like Deloreans, is now available for vinyl purchase and free streaming! Jupiter Saloon would not exist without the support and brilliant music supervision of

Chapter 4: Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion
September 25, 2022

Season 1 Finale. When Joe and Tau go to see intergalactic pop-sensation Phase Queen at the IO Pavilion, they leave the bar open to a duo of sinister visitors. Everyone sends letters. Thanks for the gr

Chapter 3: Karaoke Night
September 12, 2022

Joe the bartender installs a roto tom wall. Six Geoffs gets a date using an interplanetary, pan-dimensional dating app. Then Karaoke Night is crashed by the bloodthirsty Aqua Marines and their bellico

Chapter 2: the Cowboys of Antares
August 13, 2022

At Jupiter Saloon, its an unwritten rule that you can settle your tab with a good story. So, Hektor invokes lore law by telling the tale of The Cowboys of Antares a legendary group of renegade ro

Chapter 1: Hektor the Vector
August 01, 2022

Series Premier! Welcome to Jupiter Saloon, every space wanderers favorite galactic dive bar. Joe the bartender just wants a day off, but good help is hard to find. Flynn thirsts for adventure. And Ta

Season 1 Trailer #1
July 06, 2022

Jupiter Saloon is a sci-fi comedy podcast (audio drama) that takes place at a dive bar in space. Hang out with this gang of misfits as they try to make their way through the universe. Be prepared for

The Sidewinder Mutiny
September 19, 2018

Season 1 Pilot

Introducing The Jupiter Saloon
September 10, 2018

Welcome to Jupiter Saloon. Get excited for the pilot!