Jumping Trains With Ryan Conn

Jumping Trains With Ryan Conn

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(BFF) Face the Strange Chapters 1-3
March 11, 2019

Whats better than a Harry Potter, Twilight, Sonic the Hedgehog and Naruto  mash-up?? Absolutely nothing. From master author "unbeatenduck" I bring you thrilling action, intense sex scenes and twists you will never see coming.  

Drinking Wine w/ Lovely Marine
March 08, 2019

Marine and I talk about our weeks, discuss our new fantasy book concepts and read some hulk fanfiction.

Speculated Secrets of Success w/ Aaron Bell
February 27, 2019

Aaron Bell is a musician and an amazing mind I first met at Daytona State College.  His phonetic memory allows him to recall facts, details and make connections where others would see nothing. I truly enjoyed the time we spent together recording this

Solosode #2 Making Way In France
February 21, 2019

Finding guests isn't easy, especially when your living in a foreign country.  Today I talk about my experiences in France during the yellow vest protests and how Ive been surviving with virtually nothing to do. 

Real Jumping w/ The Original Gumbo
February 13, 2019

Octavius Bonar hops in the studio to touch on the real hard hitting issues.  Babies in the work force, unintentional lizard torture, art pains and obviously Wall Street acorns are all subjects most people avoid but are bravely tackled by the two of u

BEYOND BONIFACE! w/ John Walker & Tristan Smith
January 24, 2019

 Going behind the scenes of Mondo Bizarro's BONIFACE! Director Tristan Smith and lead actor John Walker join us to discuss the nitty gritty of film making. 

Voice Acting Lessons with Cody Jarvis
January 16, 2019

An old acquaintance and a new friend, Cody Jarvis drops in to discuss his relationship with music and movies and to give us an insight into his expenditures with voice acting!! 

January 15, 2019

Hello everybody!!! Here is just a quick rambling to introduce what this podcast is and what it will be. It may not be the most entertaining episode but I felt it was a necessity. Thanks for tuning in!