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Makom Israel Teachers Lounge

169 Breaking news: A New Government? What just happened?

March 26, 2020

This week, in the middle of the health crisis, economic turmoil and civil rights dilemma, the Knesset was shut down?! Yet somehow, as the week is ending, we have the beginnings of an agreement for a new government?! What just happened? Alan and Mike were privileged to be joined by the Times of Israel's senior analyst, (and friend of the podcast) Haviv Rettig Gur. He helped us make sense of the crazy week that was, what it means for us now, and what it means moving forward. Keep your fingers crossed, because Haviv gives us reason for cautious optimism. Don't miss this one!! There's a lot to wrap your head around, and nobody explains it better. Join us!

Haviv's article on the Edelstein crisis

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