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The Israel Conversation

141 - Haviv Rettig Gur on The Elections...

September 12, 2019

Knesset elections are this coming Tuesday! Alan and Mike gained wisdom and insight from Haviv Rettig Gur, Senior Political Analyst at Times of Israel. After explaining what that job is, and why he does it, we challenged him to make sense out of the pre-election chaos. Why has politics become all about shenanigans, instead of policy discussions? How is that shaping our culture? What are the parties really arguing about? What are they agreeing on? How will the next coalition process work, and what happens if they fail? Will we really annex the Jordan valley? Most importantly, should we be optimistic about Israeli democracy?!

Whether you are a political junkie or a neophyte, Haviv explains things in a way that is accessible and fascinating. DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!!!!

Haviv's byline at the Times of Israel

For Makom's full package of election materials, perfect for teachers or students, go to this link.

This episode was recorded at the amazing Ben Wallick Studios. Ben is the best!

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