Joys of Solo Travel

Joys of Solo Travel

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Joys of Solo Travel #25 - Monica Gray
May 04, 2021

Monica Gray is filled with positivity and an avid traveler with 58 countries under her belt. Ever since graduating university, she has been traveling solo around the world for the past 5 years. In this episode, she tells absolutely incredible and insane .

Joys of Solo Travel #24 - Matt Mitzel
April 06, 2021

Matt Mitzel is constantly making moves during his travels. This time, he landed in South Korea to teach and plans to stay there for one year. In this episode, Matt details his experiences in South Korea ranging from the language, culture, and food. He al.

Joys of Solo Travel #23 - Sarah Shaw
March 02, 2021

Sarah Shaw has an abundance of travel stories from having been to 30 countries. She began her solo travel journey in 2016 where she went to Seattle by herself and there was a critical moment when she knew she could travel solo. In this episode, she talks.

Joys of Solo Travel #22 - Maggie Zavala
February 02, 2021

Maggie Zavala radiates positive energy. She left her life in the Philippines to go live in Spain to do a Masters degree in Murcia. It was there where she began learning the Spanish language. In this episode, she also details her adventures where she stay.

Joys of Solo Travel #21 - Allen Tunstall
December 01, 2020

Allen Tunstall focuses on slow travelling and living in countries he travels to for an extended period. He has sustained his interesting lifestyle through teaching English abroad and online for the past 7 years. In this episode, he talks about the incred.

Joys of Solo Travel #20 - Saho Kitayama
November 17, 2020

Saho Kitayama is originally from Japan and currently resides in Norway. She has traveled to 42 countries and absolutely loves to travel like a local. Her first solo trip was back in 2017 in Tanzania where she experienced the best safari in Africa before .

Joys of Solo Travel #19 - Kylie Nathan
November 03, 2020

2019 was a big impactful year for Kylie Nathan which left her with memories of a lifetime through her travels. Her journey began from Hawaii to the other side of the world down under in New Zealand which led to her teaching English in Thailand while refl.

Joys of Solo Travel #18 - Matt Mitzel
October 21, 2020

Matt Mitzel is an adventure seeking spontaneous traveler that has been to 31 countries and counting. Full of amazing stories from his travels, he is currently teaching English in South Korea. In this episode, we dive into obtaining the TEFL certificate a.

Joys of Solo Travel #17 - Nidia Verdugo
October 06, 2020

From growing up in California discovering her backyard, to falling in love with Argentina and becoming an expat living in Bueno Aires for 2 years and counting. Nidia Verdugo is full of positive energy and this episode provides a glimpse into her adventur.

Joys of Solo Travel #16 - Sky Diaz
September 22, 2020

Recalling it as one of the best decisions she has ever made. Sky Diaz worked up the courage, took a leap of faith and made the bold decision to quit her job to travel solo a year ago. She returned to the motherland and made her way to Peru hiking the Col.