Joy Wanakwanyi’s Life Experiences

Joy Wanakwanyi’s Life Experiences

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What’s my secret mission with Wanajoy Luxe?
April 09, 2019

In this episode I explain my true mission for Wanajoy Luxe and why it’s a luxury brand. Africa’s economy has been very bad for a while and it’s time to change that. Don’t you agree?

Have you ever thought of owning an app for Wanajoy Luxe?
February 24, 2019

Hey guys, this was just a conversation with me and a friend on whatsapp. I noticed with Wanajoy Luxe there has been ton of requests for wholesale and the main reason why there is no whole sale is because we plan on developing an app that provides salon se

I’m not just a pretty girl, I have character
February 24, 2019

Hey guys, just felt like sharing this podcast. This was a conversation between me and a friend on whatsapp about how being a social media influencer as a primary job isn’t safe. And to explain how I am as an individual and I won’t apologize for being craz

Fallin’ - Jaybeecombz
February 22, 2019

This was the song Jaybee wrote to Joy before they broke up

If you want to get a high paying job/build a successful business, you need social media
February 05, 2019

Are you looking for a high paying job? Are you tired of failing in every job opportunity and you don’t know why?Are you broke all the time? Are you struggling to get clients for your company? Well...if this is you, this episode is for you. In this podcast

Why I don’t believe in charity
January 26, 2019

Hey yall, so this podcast was taken from a conversation between me and a friend on whatsapp and I really felt like the message was so powerful that it had to be made into a podcast. Well...for me, based on my observations in life, I always believed that