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San Diego News Update May 31: Debt Ceiling, Local Govt Campaign Finance, Poway, Bally Sports, Santee

May 31, 2023

Today we will be discussing the Debt Ceiling Circus in Washington DC, a new rule with local govt campaign finance that may play a huge role in future elections, the replacement for Poway Councilmember Barry Leonard, Bally Sports and the Padres, and the future of the Santee Drive In. Plus, we will take your comments and questions in the San Diego Community Forum.

It’s Wednesday May 31, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Debt Ceiling Circus: Republicans and Democrats Fiscally Irresponsible

All this drama with threats of blowing up the economy. What does Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy do? They agree to eliminate the debt ceiling (not raise it, eliminate it) without any serious spending cuts. These two parties are sinking America.

Campaign Finance Reform Will Impact La Mesa, Poway, other San Diego County Cities

A new law from Sacramento demands that politicians recuse themselves from votes if they are voting on a bill that involves a political donor of over $250. How will this be policed? Corporations donate tens of thousands of dollars to politician’s non-profit organizations (see Poway Mayor Steve Vaus and La Mesa Vice Mayor Colin Parent) allegedly to win political favors. Corporate dollars also flow into Political Action Committees to drive campaign ads. Interestingly, government employee unions are given a pass. They can donate as much as they want, and politicians can return the favor with a vote for a raise.

How will Poway replace Barry Leonard?

Poway has a history of filling vacancies on city council with an appointment. Poway folks see this as a violation of democracy. We will find out Poway’s plan at their meeting on June 6.

San Diego Padres no longer on Bally Sports

We discuss the chaos created by the Padres Bally Sports breakup, including reviewing various streaming options.

Santee Drive-In May Shut Down

Many of us have warm feelings for drive-in movie theaters. But the one in Santee may be about to close. The property is in escrow. The plan is to replace the drive-in theater with a huge warehouse. People’s movie content consumption habits have radically changed.

San Diego Community Forum

We discuss homelessness in San Diego, Highway 67, the terrible quality of San Diego roads, a payroll tax to subsidize housing and much more.

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No, the Santee Drive-In hasn’t sold. But it’s moving in that direction.

Politics Report: Campaign Finance Rocked by New Law

Thank you to our livestream participants in the Community Forum. Thank you to all that listen and view.

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