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March 16, 2022

Daylight Savings Time is Whack

The US Senate just approved making daylight savings time permanent for the entire nation. Will the House pass it? And what’s the deal with the California vote in 2018 to end this clock changing nonsense? I’m tired of the twice a year clock change, are you?

Ukraine and the New McCarthyism

Hosts on The View want the government to investigate Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard for “spreading false Russian propaganda. What ever happened to free speech and freedom of the press? We take a closer look at the Ukraine-Russia conflict and discuss whether the US military should get involved.

Fernando Tatis and Baseball Happiness

Tatis broke his wrist in a foolish motorcycle accident. Sure, it is a maturity issue, but this kind of behavior is not in his long-term self-interest. Tatis is his own worst enemy in his own Pursuit of Happiness.

Poway News Update

We revisit the failed recall of Steve Vaus, reactions from people in the Stoneridge community, a follow-up on the Pete Neild podcast where he declined to run for Poway City Council, and my own meeting with declared candidate Brian Peppin. Plus, I share my own experiences in a unique Poway backyard where Padres pitchers visit the Pitching Guru Dom Johnson. Plus, my personal positive recommendation of Alex from A-Tech Appliance Repair.

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Alex, A-Tech Appliance Repair:


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