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Poway and Rancho Bernardo, Top Stories in 2021, JRP0263

January 06, 2022

In today’s podcast episode we take a look back at the top 2021 stories in the Poway and Rancho Bernardo area. Our friends at Pomerado News highlighted the top local stories. We take the time to reflect on each of them. These top local stories span the spectrum of good, the bad and the ugly. In our podcast we cover these six stories:

Poway Synagogue Shooter gets Second Life Sentence in Federal CourtDevelopment Moves Ahead in PowayRecall Effort Begins Against Poway Mayor Steve Vaus$2.5M Secured to Fix Wildfire-damaged Streets in Rancho BernardoResidents Rally to Stop a Sexually Violent Predator from Moving to Rancho BernardoCommunity Mourns Rancho Bernardo Father and Teen Son Killed in Poway Car Crash

COVID Testing Chaos

In our second segment I share our adventure dealing with COVID testing on a family vacation to the United Kingdom. The Omicron variant is raging. We are seeing a surge of new COVID-19 cases. This has resulted in a chaotic testing process with shifting objectives as the plan rolled out. We discuss the testing regiment that we had to endure just to get on an airplane. Plus we share highlights of our British Adventure.

New CA Laws for 2022

Finally, we discuss the new laws enacted for 2022. How will these new laws affect your everyday life? Many new laws will definitely have a positive impact. Other new laws are proper corrections of previous flaws in the system.

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