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John Riley Project

How Much Do You Tip? JRP0084

October 21, 2019

This is such a confusing topic.  How much should you tip?  Who do you tip?  What are the rules?  What are your standards?  Why does tipping seem to happen in the
shadows? How are tips distributed amongst the staff?

I share numerous examples of my own journey as a
person that originally was jaded by the idea of tipping.  Even as an employee that received tips, I was
perplexed by the whole idea and wondered why the system needed to exist this
way.  But I evolved tremendously due to 2
significant events in my life.  I share
those stories in this podcast along with some of my own challenges, sometimes
hypocrisy and much more.  We also explore
the attempts of business owners and government to try to create a better

Help me understand!  Open invitation to people in service industry
to join me in a podcast episode to explore this topic further.

I also get into a number of other issues
including The Fish Market, Living Wage, Richard Rider,  Mama Cella’s, Rancho Bernardo, Lee Hacksaw
Hamilton, Jose Altuve, DJ LeMahieu, Houston Astros, New York Yankees, World
Series, Jennifer Klein, Synanon, Tulsi Gabbard, Hillary Clinton, Russian Asset,
minimum wage, Butte, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Rick Steves, Old Town
Trolley, Uber, San Diego Airport, Fresh Out the Barbershop, Vintana, Escondido,
Poway, Lexus, Danny Meyer, Union Square Hospitality Group, Agern, New York, Le
Pigeon, Portland, University of California, Irvine, Richard McKenzie,
Initiative 77.



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