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057 Keeping Your Network Alive and Incubating Relationships Over Time
August 27, 2019

Show Notes Getting your new job is quite an accomplishment. Many of the sacrifices you made and the efforts you took included networking. Now that you are working - what's next? Scott and Andrew share some ideas around keeping your network alive.

056 Am I Being Ghosted? And What To Do About It?
August 15, 2019

Show Notes Ghosting is a recent phenomenon where candidates are left in the cold during the hiring process. Although it doesn't feel good, Scott and Andrew discuss some strategies on how to deal with ghosting to move your search forward.

055 The Very Best Time To Introduce Your Resume In A Hiring Process
August 08, 2019

Show Notes When in the networking and hiring process do I introduce my resume? That is a question often asked. How and when you introduce your resume is the topic of this episode. Don't miss these Topics: To introduce, or not, the resume?

054 The Job Blues: When You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling For Your Work
July 28, 2019

Show Notes When you are in a situation where things just aren't right, and you feel out of place, that's when you may have lost that loving feeling for your work. - Learn strategies from Andrew and Scott to cope with that feeling for positive change....

053 9 Things You Should Never Do On LinkedIn
July 22, 2019

Show Notes Scott and Andrew discuss the pitfalls the come with having and maintaining a presence on LinkedIn. To provide a better experience to you, remember the..The 9 Things You Should Never Do On LinkedInHave a Blank Profile Photo,

052 The 12 Things You Should NEVER Put On Your Resume
July 14, 2019

Show Notes 12 THINGS TO NEVER PUT ON YOUR RESUME Too Much Information. Sensitive Personal Information. Long Sentences Full of Buzz Words and Commas. An Objective Section. The Word "Summary" or Variation Thereof As A Section Header.

051 Working With Recruiters and Other Questions Answered
July 07, 2019

Show Notes Your questions are answered in today's episode. You can submit your questions in the contact tab above or in the comments below. Don't miss these Topics: Just met a group of people through my current employer who do what I want to do ...

050 Dealing With Repetitious Rejection with Empowering Strength in the Job Search
July 01, 2019

Show Notes Protracted job searches can wear down your resilience. Dealing with repetitive rejection can lead to dejection. Scott and Andrew discuss strategies to approach your rejection using empowering strength.

049 Finding Jobs In Another City Through A Remote Search
June 20, 2019

Show Notes When life changes and you are in or expecting to move to a new city, finding work can be a challenging process. Steps can be taken to improve your chances and plan for the expectations you have in relocating to a new geography.

048 Getting Interviews and Offers by Building Trust with Hiring Teams
June 13, 2019

Show Notes Getting passed over or not hearing anything back from an interview can be frustrating. Identifying the "why" behind a rejection  can often be summed up in the measurement of trust between a hiring team and a candidate.