Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show

Joanna & Kevin’s Big Show

Episode 46: Poker, Books, Side Hustles, Drinks

March 12, 2022
Big Show

Kevin and Joanna on the roof of The Lambs.

Still a little rusty after our podcasting hiatus, we have dusted off the cobwebs by now for our third episode since our big time off. In this episode, Joanna and Kevin talk about the return of poker playing, writing books, and side hustles. Joanna’s eBay store is heating up, and Kevin is looking forward to going to New Orleans one of these days for Tales of the Cocktails. Will Jo go? We wrap up with what we are looking forward to as we approach our 50th episode. You can contact us through our new website, which has it’s soft launch.

We record at The Lambs, the oldest professional theatrical club in the U.S. Find out more about it here. Our theme song is by the late, great Big Ed Cody (RIP).

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Recorded Jan. 25, 2022.

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