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The Jim Rutt Show

Currents 076: Jamie Joyce on The Society Library

December 12, 2022

Jim talks with Jamie Joyce about the organization she founded and directs, The Society Library. They discuss the Library's mission, its ontological structure, offering diverse interfaces, methods for overcoming limitations & biases, operating with integrity, contextualizing information deeply, intellectual honesty, intellectual independence, intellectual inclusion, the example of flat-Earth theory, earnest service, contrasting with Wikipedia, bias on Wikipedia, the work's positive effect on analysts, hiring librarians, the Pro-Truth Pledge, a collection on nuclear energy, working with is & ought, possibilities for automation, citations & UX design, and much more.

Episode Transcript
The Society Library
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Pro-Truth Pledge

Jamie Joyce is the Founder and Executive Director of The Society Library, a 501(c)3 collective intelligence organization which works on developing tools, resources, and methods to address epistemic issues in the United States. Her work includes modeling societal-scale deliberation, developing decision-making models, building libraries of knowledge, and offering educational curricula to fact-checks and university students. Jamie is also a 2022 Collective Intelligence Fellow at the Foresight Institute.