The Jim Rutt Show

The Jim Rutt Show

Currents 073: Owen Cox and Daniel Fraga on Game C

November 25, 2022

Jim talks with Owen Cox and Daniel Fraga of the Technosocial podcast about their critique that the GameB movement has underestimated the importance of sex and violence. They discuss the attempt to deal logically with illogical forces, the origins of the Game C joke, the limits of analytical systematization, coherent pluralism, whether GameB is a neo-Benthamism, sex & conflict as spiritual practice, how limits create pleasure clusters, Twitter wars as unacknowledged kink, the social operating systems of Kibbutzes, a norm against pornography, being sophisticated about sexual norms & whether it's possible in a movement designed for everyone, building night-club-style dynamics in GameB, social conviviality, the sublimation of war & violence, allowing ritualized violence, designing social containers that take hidden motivations into account, the end of American hegemony, investigating the moral question of energy usage, Game B's need for more artists & social designers, building more institutions for weirdos, and much more.

Technosocial Podcast (YouTube)
Ontological Design: Subject is Project, by Daniel Fraga
Game~B Film
Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World, by René Girard
Parallax Sangha - Sweeny vs Bard Ep. 1: Shamanism in the digital age

There is an occult axis connecting technology and our darkest desires. Creativity cannot be thought through without including psychoanalysis. Philosophy must not escape from pain, violence and sexuality: it must include them. These are the backdoors to the future. That's what interests Owen Cox and Daniel Fraga, hosts of the Technosocial podcast. Technosocial is a space for thinking about the fringes of the internet and exploring how technology is reshaping society. Only from this excess does "Project" become possible.