The Jim Rutt Show

The Jim Rutt Show

Currents 040: Jim Rutt Show Changes & Reflections

August 02, 2021

Jim Rutt Show producer, Jared Janes & Jim announce some changes to the podcast...

Jim Rutt Show producer, Jared Janes & Jim announce some changes to the podcast, preview upcoming guests, talk about the Jim Rutt Show (JRS) origin story, Jim's guest prep process, the evolution of JRS, its impact on Jim's reading habits, reading fiction, civilization collapse, contemporary influencers & counter cultures, curation as a service, what Jim likes the most about the podcast, core JRS themes, the art of yarning, stand out episodes & collaborations that came from the podcast, meditation, and more.

Episode Transcript
Mentioned Future Guests – Robin Dunbar, Heather E Heying, Robert Tercek, John Vervaeke, Antonio Damasio
Mentioned Episodes – JRS: EP136 Harvey Reid on Troubadour Music, JRS: EP75 Nick Chater: “The Mind Is Flat”, JRS: EP116 Doug Erwin on the Cambrian Explosion, JRS: EP51 Richard Bartlett on Self-Organizing Collaboration, JRS: EP37 Jared Janes on Spirituality
Mentioned Guests – Tyson Yunkaporta JRS Episodes, Gregg Henriques JRS Episodes, Max Borders JRS Episodes, Michel Bauwens JRS Episodes, Daniel Schmachtenberger JRS Episodes, Simon DeDeo JRS Episodes, Zak Stein JRS Episodes, Samo Burja JRS Episodes, Mark Burgess JRS Episodes
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