The Jim Rutt Show

The Jim Rutt Show

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EP36 Hanzi Freinacht on Metamodernism
January 20, 2020

Hanzi Freinacht talks with Jim about postmodernism, value memes, cognitive complexity, societal code, the promises/dangers of metamodernism, and much more!

EP35 Ken McCarthy on the History of Online Business
January 16, 2020

Ken McCarthy talks with Jim about the commercial shift of the internet, evolution of internet media, online market potential, the high cost of free & more.

EP34 Joe Edelman on the Power of Values
January 13, 2020

Joe Edelman talks with Jim about values, social norms & ideological commitments, pluralism & coherence, ‘time well spent’, ethical advertising & more.

EP33 Melanie Mitchell on the Elements of AI
January 06, 2020

Melanie Mitchell & Jim talk about the many approaches to creating AI, hype cycles, self-driving cars, what can be learned from human intelligence, & more!

EP32 Jason Brennan on Irrational Democracy & Academia
December 30, 2019

Author & Professor Jason Brennan talks with Jim about teaching business school, libertarianism, poor incentives & outcomes in democracy & academia, & more.

EP31 Forrest Landry on Building our Future
December 16, 2019

The multi-talented Forrest Landry talks with Jim about what motivates him, ethics & metaphysics, meaning & sense-making, collective action, collapse & more.

EP30 Nora Bateson on Complexity & the Transcontextual
December 09, 2019

Nora Bateson talks with Jim about her recent book, her father & grandfather’s academic impact, thinking transcontextually, Game B, warm data labs, & more.

EP29 Michael Mauboussin on The Success Equation
December 02, 2019

Michael Mauboussin talks with Jim about his latest book, SFI, investment, using variance & complexity, luck & skill, bias, IQ vs RQ, forecasting & much more.

EP28 Mark Burgess on Promise Theory, AI & Spacetime
November 25, 2019

Author, founder & scientist Mark Burgess talks with Jim about his career, physics skill set, CFEngine, Promise Theory, AI, free will, spacetime & more.

EP27 Jamie Wheal on Flow & the Future of Culture
November 21, 2019

Jamie Wheal talks to Jim about flow, intrinsic & extrinsic motivation, group flow, Game B, the future of ecstatic state tech, cult leaders & much more.