Jewish Money Matters

Jewish Money Matters

Episode 190: Rabbi Aryeh Nivin, Self-Development Expert

August 29, 2021


What’s your mission in life and how do you go about finding it? Not inconsequential questions and my guest today has been helping thousands of students from all over the world answer these for over a decade. You’re listining to Jewish Latin Princess, I’m Yael trusch your Host, welcome to the show. Today I have Self-Development Expert, Rabbi Aryeh Nivin.
Rabbi Nivin is an expert in Jewish Personal Development for today’s day and age.  He consistently researches traditional Jewish approaches, in addition to positive psychology, to convey Personal Development concepts effectively. His dedication to ongoing research as well as his vast Torah knowledge keeps his classes current and dynamic. He’s developed numerous group programs popularly known as Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas on different topics where students learn things like How to live with Expanded Consciousness, Accessing joy, Living a powerfully motivated life, Living in the present, Transcending life challenges, Time management, Self esteem, and more.
Some of these topics definitely speak to me, and well the reviews and rate of continuity in Rabbi Nivin’s chaburahs speaks for themselves. Students stay in Rabbi Nivin’s programs for years as they master one area, and then continue to work on the next. His latest program, and a widely popular one, is the Elul Bootcamp, which starts actually today and will be running for the next four days. And there are many more programs accessible on his website
He and I talk about his foray into the world of personal development. His close relationship with Founder of Aish Ha Torah, Rav Noach Weinberg obm, and how he shaped Rabbi Nivin’s life, bringing him clarity about his life’s mission. So much of Rabbi Nivin’s work is helping people find that mission and implement it, so I had to ask, how does one find that mission? What happens after we realize what that is? The financial lesson his wife taught him, and the way they approach money. His close encounter with death, and how she once again set him on the right path to embrace that challenge. Can we all break out of a paradigm of poverty, is financial freedom accessible to everyone? You’ll want to hear his answer. Our responsibility to develop financial intelligence, and to put effort, his upbringing, and the financial lessons he grew up with… This is a wonderful interview and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed speaking with this amazing human being. Here’s Rabbi Aryeh Nivin.
If you’d like to learn more about The Elul Bootcamp click HERE. You can also send an email to or whats app +1-602-469-1606.

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