Jewish Money Matters

Jewish Money Matters

Episode 143: Yael Bendahan, Digital Visibility & Marketing Strategist

December 17, 2020


You’re listening to Jewish Latin Princess. I’m Yael Trusch, your Host. Happy Chanukah, ladies! How has your Chanukah been so far? I hope well despite everything that’s going on. The whole Covid rollercoater. Boy have we learned to surrender this year, and to trust, and to be flexible. Those are my top three words of the year, surrender, trust, and flexibility. But, let’s get to it, let’s head over to the iTune’s review section where I pick a review every week and share it with you and anyone who posts a review gets a chance to win a 20 min call with me where we talk about anything related to your money, or your life or Jewish observance in general. It’s one of my favorite things to do, to connect with my audience in this way so head over to the iTunes section and leave a review of the show to get a chance for us to hang out together. Happy to offer perspective, advice, a listening ear and empathy, or all of it, whatever is needed at the moment.
This review comes from BiskerChaya who says:
“Yael is an inspiring woman, she offers us teachings and practical advice with deep conviction and wisdom about money. She speaks in such an exceptional way that when you listen, you immediately want to get into that path of growth and financial freedom! I highly recommend it!”
Thank you BiskerChaya drop me an email and I’ll send you a link for us to connect. 
This review is actually from November, but it’s so timely because I’ve been running my financial freedom program in Spanish now two times consecutively and was planning on running it again in the Spring, and wasn’t so sure if I wanted to do it in English. But, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do it in English, which I did twice during the earlier part of 2020. So… I heard you and I will open the doors to the program, end of January. But, what I’m doing now is I’m opening up the wait list with the intention of giving everyone in the waitlist early access to some amazing bonuses, before your program officially opens doors. All you have to do is go to and we will send you the info!
Now, let’s talk about my guest today. Same name, similar strong energies. She’s a powerhouse and well, she is the brain behind the popular Facebook group Powershouse Women Entrepreneurs. Yael Bendahan is here! She’s a Digital Visibility and Marketing Strategist, which is something we all probably need right now. I mean, even if you’re still in a more traditional role, I bet many of you are thinking of developing a side hussle with the aspiration to grow it. In fact, that’s kind of how I began. Whatever the case may be, the days of shying away from having a personal brand are over. So I think this episode is going to be very insightful for many of you. 
Yael and I met years ago in the online world and we’ve kept in touch. She’s built a business that serves her and her family, from the comfort of her home, helping women scale their businesses with the right visibility and marketing strategy that works for them. She works with female coaches and service providers of all kinds. She is full of grit and perseverance as you will soon see. We talk about the pain points and struggles that led her to start her own business, focus on the digital marketing space, and continue to narrow that further? The role her family plays in any business decisions she makes? What has she learned as an entrepreneur? And how does she structure her own time for visibility and marketing? Her Judaism and more. Here’s the fabulous Yael Bendahan. 

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