Jewish Money Matters

Jewish Money Matters

Episode 132: Jenny Goldfarb

August 24, 2020


Calling all the vegans out there, or women like myself, definitely not vegan… but somewhere in the recesses of my brain I kind of wish I was. I have a million excuses why not to be. But, perhaps after todays’ interview you, like me, will be tempted to try a super cool vegan meat alternative – Unreal Deli. You’re listening to Jewish Latin Princess, I’m Yael Trusch, your Host. Welcome to the show. 
So, I did a thing. No I didn’t become vegan, but I went on vacation… really! I had a bit of a staycation, and then I really went on vacation. Well, I kind of cheated because even though I was on vacation, I still launched an awesome program. I did a 5 day challenge in Spanish which was a huge hit and launched a program pretty similar to my Jewish Money Makeover but in Spanish, which we start this week with a cohort of awesome Spanish Speaking women who were inside my challenge. I had a lot of requests on Instagram, asking if the program was available in English. The answer is Yes. But it’s already running. However, I will be launching it again after Tishrei. In the meantime, I had a blast polishing my Spanish and connecting with a new and awesome audience. Here’s the link to that program, which starts this week.
Now, lets go into the iTunes review section and pick a listener review. As I told you I will be picking out reviews every week and highlighting them and then offering a 20 min call with me. So this review comes from chevyglass who says, “I’m hooked. Yael is an incredible host, insightful, inspirational and above all so real and relatable. Her guests are the same, offering a plethora of topics and ideas so prevalent to the Jewish female population. I highly recommend.” 
Thankyou ChevyGlass be sure to email me at and we will coordinate a time to get together on the phone. 
And now, onto today’s fabulous guest: Jenny Goldfarb, Founder of Unreal Deli on the show and she’s so much fun. First of all full disclaimer, I’m not vegan – in fact, I have a friend who calls me a dinosaur. But I have had periods in my life where I’ve been like hmmm this might be a much better way to live. In fact, I think my husband has requested several times we become vegan. I’m just too lazy to even begin.  So, it was fun for me to hear from Jenny and her journey towards becoming vegan. But, more than that, what is really super awesome about this episode is the different spiritual insights that Jenny shares with us. Plus, Jenny’s wit and savvy in taking Unreal Deli from something that started in her kitchen at a Chanukah party to the vegan deli meat of choice at places like Whole Foods, Quiznos, Mendocino Farms, Sarges in NYC and more.
You will hear about Jenny’s triumph as a Shark Tank participant and more. If you’ve ever thought about a business idea and keep putting it in the back burner, perhaps listen to Jenny and her journey, because she got messy and she did the thing and she kept iterating until the thing was real, people. Unreal Deli is thriving and hey even dinosaurs like myself might get into it pretty soon. In fact, I’ve placed my first order. If you want to try it, and see what the media and consumers are raving about, you can place an order at and use the special coupon code: Latinacast at checkout to get 15% off any item in the store. Offer expires September 3d.  And now, here we go ladies, here’s the quite hysterical Jenny Goldfarb.  

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