Jewish Money Matters

Jewish Money Matters

Episode 105: Insights from a Podcast Host

August 29, 2019


You’re listening to Jewish Latin Princess. I’m Yael Trusch, your Host. Ladies, I’m back from the 14th Annual National Jewish Retreat and I think I’m still flying. What an incredible experience! Today, I’m going to share with you one of my presentations at the Retreat, titled: Living a Joyful, Richer Jewish life: Insights from a Celebrated Podcast Host
The description for the presentation was the following: 
In her weekly podcast, “Jewish Latin Princess,” Yael interviews the world’s most uniquely-talented Jewish women, whose inspiring journeys teach each of us how to discover our soul’s mission and vision for transforming the world.
Now, before I present you with the audio, let me share some highlights of the event:

Seeing old friends and meeting incredible new people.
Meeting listeners of Jewish Latin Princess Podcast: Very, very cool! Thank You for introducing yourselves! 
Hearing wonderful and moving feedback from people who attended my sessions. 
Spending four days with my husband. (A huge thanks to my friend Esty who took 3 of my kids!)
Answering questions on camera briefly and without prep. One – on how to handle a rebellious teenager – was actually published yesterday and you can watch it here. (Note that I went on camera for these questions after I concluded my fourth and last speech