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Jet Metrick

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5 Legs of a Successful Aviation Business
March 08, 2023

In-depth discussion with Quinn Ricker on how purposeful leadership can take a company to the top of their game and become a beacon of success. The Jet Access CEO has ...

A Premium Operator in the Skies
September 06, 2022

Conversation with the CEO of Ajax Jets, Justin Sullivan. After 2 minutes of listening to Justin, you will see why people love his company, and love flying with Ajax Jets. ...

Crypto Currency and Private Aviation…want to learn more?
July 29, 2022

We had a great conversation with the CEO of Forum Pay, Josh Tate. We learned a lot about Crypto Currencies in general; the risks, the advantages and how the currency ...

From a Flight Attendant’s View
December 27, 2021

Fun conversation with experienced VIP Flight Attendant, Amanda Dramm. Learn about the lifestyle, the commitment it takes, destinations, the fun, and the things you never hear about from Amanda. A ..

Tech-Entrepreneurship meets Private Charter
November 30, 2021

David talks to Paul Mulko from Fly Easy. Its an interesting conversation with two entrepreneurs talking about how tech can enter the world of private charter and save or enhance ...

Customer Success Road Map in Today’s High-Demand Environment with Saskia De Jong
November 17, 2021

Great conversation with Avinode Groups Director of Customer success, Saskia De Jong. Sakias insights are spot on and worth the listen. Enjoy!

Private Jet Charter’s Time Value proposition and how it makes business traveling easier.
November 08, 2021

A discussion with Ron Diamond from Diamond Wealth Strategies and how he and his clients see the big value in Time via Private Jet Charter.

The Ins and Outs of Private Jet Charter Customer Relations with Brian Goodman
October 07, 2021

Discussing Customer relationships with a true pro, Brian Goodman. Brian, who recently joined AIRBOOK ONE as the head ofmarketing, is an active ENTREPRENEUR with deep history of business leadership,

Today’s New Inventory Issues, and What That Means For You with Mike Dagnino
September 28, 2021

Founder of Aero Resources, Apex Aviation Logistics and Head of Operations at AIRBOOK ONE. Aero Resources and Apex Aviation Logistics are both best-in-class and provide flight departments with compete