Funny to Informing

Funny to Informing

210. Show Flow, Weird Beers, and Old Games

July 21, 2022

John and Coleman come at you with honesty! They tell you what’s been going on with them, but also trying to distract you from the craziness in the world today. Covid is still going around, Coleman saw some top tier stand-up comedy, and John went to his first professional wrestling event (Simon Sez vs Jerry Lawler). The guys also try a beer from a local brew in Nashville, and it was a weird beer indeed! John flubs on his words like normal and Coleman brings all the puns you were thinking of.

For news, topics include kids saving their father’s life, a bit of R. Kelly action, some Webb telescope images, and some celebrity issues along with celebrity deaths. Thank you Joey Nix for the beer of the week, and thank you to for having us as a “Best Local Podcast” nomination under the Local Notables section. Vote for us and we’ll surely buy you a drink! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy chatting, we can laugh at you as much as you laugh with us, and tip your nurses! Uncle Vinny, we love you, and please do your best to fight and recover.

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