Funny to Informing

Funny to Informing

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217. No Pork, No Porn, No Peen, No Poon
November 22, 2022

John and Coleman catch up and re-cap some stuff from the last show including a poll about whether or not you leave the toilet seat up or down. Do we ever get a concrete answer? The guys also discuss e

216. Wineless Weddings in Barless Barns
November 14, 2022

John and Coleman come at you with a flood of topics this week! One being the most recent hurricane to hit Florida. In addition to that, the guys talk about the experiences of going to Las Vegas and ge

Bonus – Ram Jam Garage Band Mixtape
October 22, 2022

This is just a little bonus John and Coleman did when they met up! John surprised Coleman in Nashville for his birthday, so the guys discuss everything they did to celebrate. Apologies are in order ju

215. Long Time No Talk
October 22, 2022

John and Coleman reconnect after a busy fun-filled hiatus! It was Colemans birthday, then Johns birthday, Coleman went out of town, John got hit with a hurricane, and a bunch of more stuff! This ext

214. Risking Life with Shower Thoughts
September 19, 2022

John and Coleman are smooth sailing for the rest of the year! Starting this episode, the guys are going to be traveling and having interesting life experiences between every show until the end of the

213. Boom, Roasted
September 02, 2022

John and Coleman are coming at you half on-location! John is at his local Applebees. They talk about the Orlando Weekly Best Local Podcast results, as well as a really wild TikTok story. Coleman br

212. Regretfully Resentful, Self-Righteous, and Wrong
August 22, 2022

John and Coleman are glad to catch up with some of the things that have been going on this week! Some birthdays passed, some trips were taken, and theres even a healthy recommendation to eat your bre

211. Straight Shootin’ High Riders
August 08, 2022

John and Coleman talk plenty of crap! Topics include gun purchasing, phone hacks, getting vehicles stuck, having patience when training people, and getting excited about doing nothing. Obviously, they

210. Show Flow, Weird Beers, and Old Games
July 21, 2022

John and Coleman come at you with honesty! They tell you whats been going on with them, but also trying to distract you from the craziness in the world today. Covid is still going around, Coleman saw

209. Bonnaroo Breakdown and Guy Fawkes Yourself
June 28, 2022

John and Coleman catch up after a little while and talk about a few of the things they did in this past week or two. Coleman went to Bonnaroo, John went to St. Augustine, and they both are twirling th