Funny to Informing

Funny to Informing

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176. Rocky Hockey & Pizza’s Party
April 13, 2021

John and Coleman have a lot of fun with this one! Drinks are flowing, the guys are vibing, and plenty of conversation is had! First and foremost, a warm welcome is deserved for having our researcher Rocky back!

175. Susceptible to Confusability
April 06, 2021

John and Coleman celebrate episode 175 on the PODPATIO where it all started! The guys have way too much to talk about after missing another week. Coleman went to Nashville, John considers cooking, and the sleep schedules are all over the place for them...

174. Over or Under on the Pass
March 24, 2021

John and Coleman get together, but one can barely see the other! They discuss a range of things from a documentary they both watched, to whether the term is called over or under pass, and more! Also the guys talk about rear ends,

173. Clap Them Cheeks
March 16, 2021

John and Coleman get together after a week’s break! Coleman had some traveling to do, and he explains why. They both catch up and talk about a bunch of random stuff from John chipping his tooth and having beef with a few people,

172. UnRivaled Relentless Righteousness
March 02, 2021

John and Coleman get back together with their crack researcher Rocky! The guys talk about the way coffee goes right through the body, and John uses the handicap restroom to do his business with someone waiting right outside. For Tuddle’s ten minutes,

171. Polls on Poles & Carats on Carrots
February 26, 2021

John and Coleman have a basic show for you! Sounds exciting right? It simply involves some random banter, a little music, and a bit of news! As they record in the woods at the park, there were kids running all around them with metal detectors.

170. Infatuated Inductions & Monkey Tail Mayhem
February 16, 2021

John and Coleman have so, so, so much to get to! The most obvious being Valentine’s Day just passing and the Trump impeachment wrapping up. Also, John has been seeing this new facial hair trend going around and wants Coleman to jump on it.

169. Starlets, Stocks, and Staycations, Oh My!
February 09, 2021

John and Coleman are back from a little vacation! There has been plenty going on these last two weeks to talk about. The stock market has been going crazy, David Arquette is trying to wrestle again, and Covid is still all around us. Also,

168. Stage Four Diamond Dustin
January 27, 2021

There is a lot of news to talk about, and John had another crazy week. Join the guys on the show where they focus on the jokes first with bits of information, stuff from the news, personal stories, and sometimes interviews.

167. Prodigiously Producing a Prolific Plasma-cast
January 19, 2021

John and Coleman announce their schedule change! Also, the guys discuss the process of donating plasma for a bit. Did you know you can possibly make some decent money donating your plasma? Ask us how! The topics this week ranged all over!