JCMS: Author Interviews (Listen and earn CME credit)

JCMS: Author Interviews (Listen and earn CME credit)

Topical Cannabis with Dr Mark Kirchhof

June 20, 2022

Dr Mark Kirchhof is back on the podcast, joining Kirk to talk about his very topical article from the March/April Edition of the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery entitled: "A Survey of Topical Cannabis Use in Canada."

That survey found that about a quarter of dermatology patients had used a topical cannabis product, with about 27 percent of those using creams.

Kirk and Mark discuss the high instances of self medication by dermatology patients using topical cannabis for everything from eczema, to pain and aging. They talk about the implications of the overall lack of regulation or medical trials surrounding the use of Cannabis, and the side-effects from cannabis products.

Dr Kirchhof is the Division Head of Dermatology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital.

His co-authors on this article are Dr Megan Lim and Dr Farhan Mahmood.

The article is available free, outside the paywall, for three weeks after this interview is posted:


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