Latest Episodes

EPS 7 build and maintain your funnel
March 08, 2019

Recap from earlier episodes building and maintaining your final and beginning to grow your sales

EPS 6 getting personal
February 26, 2019

Tips on how to become a person and not a “sales” person

What to do with sick time and your POV
February 12, 2019

Down time and seeing the other persons side

ESP 4 you are the business
February 04, 2019

Today we go over 3 more functional principles of sales

ESP 3 building the pipeline
January 27, 2019

Focus listen and return

Just a little rant after a morning workout
January 26, 2019

Focus on you so you can focus on others

ESP 2 continuing beginning sales tips
January 19, 2019

Today we discuss the next 3 basics of beginning sales

In sales eps1 layout. Origin and first tips
January 14, 2019

We go over how the podcast will be laid out, why I can give this information. First 2 things to think over with sales