Amasugi! | 甘すぎ!(Japanese & English)

Amasugi! | 甘すぎ!(Japanese & English)

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甘語り | Amagatari #7: 物の哀れ | Mono No Aware
May 31, 2021

Mono no Aware is a story written by @thisismyvibe_ about how she stumbled upon the phrase "Mono No Aware" -- which depicts a poignant feeling of transcience, and how she associates with the word in her daily life in India. Japanese translation by @sleepy.

S2 EP7: 日本人の英語学習の旅 | English Learning Journey of a Japanese Person (featuring Kouta-san!)
May 17, 2021

*Disclaimer: this episode was recorded in Nov 2020... so please note the timeline gap! Featuring one of our listeners, Kouta-san, a Japanese who is learning English, he shares his with us his personal reasons on why he started learning English. このエピソードで、私

甘語り#6 (ポエム版 | Poems Edition): 知らない場所という人生 | Life The Unfamiliar Place
December 08, 2020

Two daily life-themed poems written by Melanie & Melissa. 自分のために時間を作ればいいと思わない?by Melanie are the words used to remind herself when she feels out of place and unable to control the moments of life fleeting by. ゾンビの考えby Melissa describes how she feels when

S2 EP5: ニューノーマル・ベネは学校に戻る | New normal, Bene goes back to school
October 17, 2020

ニューノーマルの生活はもう慣れた?今回はコロナ、ベネは日本の大学に行くつもり状態について話します。How have you been adjusting to the new normal? This episode we talk about our coronavirus situation, and Bene’s life update of going to uni in Japan. Talk to us on instagram @amasugipodcast Music : These Ki

甘がたり#5: 全部の季節の中で、愛 | Love in Four Seasons
June 23, 2020

This Amagatari features “Love in Four Seasons” by @tokyostudylife, a story about the changing seasons, emotions and life. This story is read in both Japanese and English. Please skip ahead for the English part. この甘がたりは@tokyostudylifeさんの「全部の季節の中で、愛」という話しです

S2 EP4: コロナウイルスロックダウンの日常 | Day-to-day in coronavirus lockdown
June 05, 2020

今回のエピソードはチャレンジです!スクリプトがなくて全部日本語で話してみたエピソードで、間違いがたくさんあるから、それでも一緒に笑いましょう!❤️トピックはコロナウイルスの状態でみんなの生活が変わったので、私たちの日常をアップデートします!(instagram: @amasugipodcast) This is our challenge episode where we try our best to speak 100% without a script. We’ve made many mistak

甘がたり #4: 小さな町の思い出 | Memory Of A Small Town
May 16, 2020

This Amagatari features “Memory Of A Small Town” by @carameiruu, a fictional story about reminiscing childhood days and growing up in a small town. This story is read in both Japanese and English. Please skip ahead for the English part. この甘がたりは@carameiruu

S2 EP3: Study Methods For Learning Japanese That Worked For Us
May 06, 2020

Which study methods for learning Japanese are effective, and which are not so?

甘GATARI: #3: 距離感 | Sense of Distance
April 13, 2020

Sense of distance by @basically.bene is an episode where he shares his experience of moving out for work and moving back home due to the lockdown order. This podcast is in both Japanese and English. Please skip ahead for the English part. Music: Start Of

S2 EP2: 日本語の勉強スケジュールはどんな感じ?| What’s our Japanese study schedules like?
April 06, 2020

This episodes theme is about Our study schedules as Japanese learners. Are study schedules important when studying Japanese? This episode also includes a listeners question. To ask us a question, send us a message @sleepy.auru on Instagram.