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The JamBase Podcast: Pink Talking Fish’s Eric Gould

November 10, 2022

Episode 148 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Pink Talking Fish‘s Eric Gould. The bassist spoke with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein about the Phish/Talking Heads/Pink Floyd tribute act, his Marble Eyes band and Prince/Bowie project.

Eric last appeared on The JamBase Podcast in 2018, when he was joined by his Pink Talking Fish bandmates for a “The Art Of The Setlist” chat with JamBase's David Onigman at the Hangtown Music Festival. This time around, the Massachusetts resident connected with ScottyB via video chat just before leaving for PTF’s recent West Coast run.

Gould began by noting he will play late night concerts with all three of his projects in New York City during Phish’s upcoming New Year’s Run at Madison Square Garden. Eric and Scotty then deep-dived Pink Talking Fish. The bassist spoke about how the group goes about putting together setlists for Phish after parties and bringing in keyboardist Steve Learson for PTF shows when Richard James is on the road with Neighbor. Pink Talking Fish started nearly a decade ago with a revolving lineup, so they are no strangers to the situation.

Eric recalled the picks he made for a recent appearance on the SiriusXM Phish Radio program “Crowd Control.” Gould also detailed songs from the Phish, Pink Floyd and Talking Heads repertoire that just didn’t work for Pink Talking Fish. He went on to explain PTF tends to focus their Phish selections on tunes the Vermont-based quartet doesn’t keep in heavy rotation and aims to constantly pull off inventive song combinations never played before. Additionally, Gould previewed Pink Talking Fish’s show at The Paradise in Boston on December 2 and why that venue and city are special to both him and his bandmates.

Talk eventually turned to Marble Eyes, a band formed out of the pandemic featuring Gould, drummer Adrian Tramontano (Twiddle/Kung Fu), guitarist Mike Carter (The Indobox) and keyboardist Max Chase (Amulus). Eric was asked about the circumstances that led to the group coming together and his appreciation to have an outlet for originals in addition to his work with tribute acts. Gould revealed Marble Eyes has two new albums on the way. The genesis of all-star supergroup Prince/Bowie, Gould’s time in Particle and managing his projects were among other topics discussed.

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