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Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast

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Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast With KillJoy - Episode 5 | Logically Speaking
March 09, 2019

Lovely way of starting off the episode by sharing stories about our week. Movie Review and Breakdown of Alita: Battle Angel (8:08). African-American mother murdered while attending a slumber party (1:19:10). Jussie (Lying) Smollett getting caught filing .

Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast [Ft. Elizabeth] - Episode 4 | JEREEZUS!
February 23, 2019

My Lovely Girlfriend decided to join me on a surprise episode of the Podcast while we were on our mini-trip together. Is there a such thing as Toxic Femininity (4:36). People being responsible for their own thoughts and actions (27:00). Misusage of Capit.

Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast With KillJoy - Episode 3 | Just an American Boy
February 17, 2019

The infamous duo meets again to have a wide range of intriguing dialogue to dive into. Starting with our breakdown of the newly released Live Action Aladdin Trailer (14:10). Then we discuss Ellen Page's recent comment on her views of hillsong church and .

Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast With KillJoy - Episode 2 | Fighting For Equal Rights and Lefts
February 06, 2019

Starting the Podcast off with varies topics, hot takes, and perspectives on a few things we've noticed within Society & Culture. Began discussing our views on Private vs Public Schools (43:56). We try to bring light to the recent 21 Savage news of him be.

Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast [With KillJoy] Episode 1 | Mortal Man
January 29, 2019

With the First Official Podcast Episode in the works, My Co-Host and I decided to deliver a Hot Take for you all to enjoy! First, we started off with two movie reviews to set the tone: Glass (6:50) and Replicas (1:25:50). Finally, we were able to anchor .

Jamal_Haki R&R Podcast [With KillJoy] Episode 0 | Kill `em with Kindness!
January 28, 2019

What better way to kick off our first Podcast than to discuss The Controversy of the new Gillette Razor Commercial (6:00). Eventually working our way to breaking down a couple movies: The Upside (43:50) and If Beale Street Could Talk (1:29:00). The Heavy.