I've Heard It Both Ways Podcast

I've Heard It Both Ways Podcast

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It's ya girls' MIRL... Oscar Edition
February 05, 2019

In honor of this month being all about the Oscars, Felicia decided to surprise Taryn this week with an impromptu MIRL! Although there were many movies that have won the Oscars for best pictures that are based on true events, Felicia decided to keep to th.

Maggot Lives Matter... Episode 16
February 03, 2019

This week we felt all the emotions while watching Shawshank Redemption. It really showed why it’s listed as IMDB’s #1 movie of all time. The MAINE (heh, Stephen King joke) theme we seemed to find was, of course, redemption but mainly revenge since Andy w.

Porn and pizza solve all problems... Episode 15
January 27, 2019

It’s not Thanksgiving but we didn’t mind as we watched Freebirds this week….while eating Freebirds….I think there is a pattern here. This animated time travel film had a lot of problems but also had a lot of jokes that made up for it. As Owen Wilson woul.

The Curious Case of Mr. Fuzzy ... Episode 14
January 21, 2019

Drama drama drama! Is that the Wikipedia plot summary of Soapdish? It’s not? Well it definitely should be because this film was full of it! There were twists and turns galore and we loved every second of it, which made us think of our own garbage televis.

It's Ya Girls' MIRL...Episode #1
January 13, 2019

You’ve heard it the Hollywood way, now it’s time to hear it the factual way—Introducing MIRL: Movies In Real Life! MIRL is a new type of special episode that’s like a slap to your brain once a month. We start out nice and easy by destroying your 90s chil.

Don't Say The M Word! ... Episode 13
January 09, 2019

Zombies and Winchesters and Brits, OH MY! We moved casually out of October and into a less scary month with Shaun of the Dead. Felicia was a bit nervous due to her past dealings with Zombies (you got a bit of that in episode 11), if you were following ou.

Marvelous Michael Myers Moves ... Episode 12
January 09, 2019

It was our spoopiest episode yet. We watched Halloween ON Halloween! Is it weird that all we can think about when we see Jamie Lee Curtis now is yogurt that helps you poo? Nahhhh! We dove into our 2 minute recap of the movie and Felicia gave some interes.

RIP Jiffy Pop, the true victim... Episode 11
November 11, 2018

SCREAM gave us a few spoilers for our next week’s movie choice on our segment of “What the Plot?”. We didn’t let that get us down at all though as we couldn’t get over how many faces we recognized in this movie. What even were the 90’s? We gave a 2 minut.

Soccer Mom Strength... Episode 10
October 30, 2018

We gave Friday the 13th a solid 4 out of 10 on the spoop level for this week’s review. We would have gone higher if it weren’t for the obvious prop bodies that got sliced (bodies have a pink tint, not green/gray Hollywood), the abundance of man nipples, .

Spoop-A-Doop Killer vs Nature Killer .... Episode 9
October 07, 2018

You know what we want in our horror flick? Some tongue action and boy did Freddy give it to us! We had more laughter than anticipated with this week's "What the Plot?" episode of Nightmare on Elm Street. Since we were both guessing how the film went,as a.