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Issues and Songs

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Hot News for Planet Earth and Swinging with the Algorithm
July 01, 2020

Today on the Issues menu, the attention-grabbing plight of us all, internet-surfers that we are, the YouTube algorithm. And also, more importantly, Global Warming, aka. Climate Change. It's happening. It might keep happening. Which will make lots of other

Tucking Away Trillions with Tax Evasion and Self-Helping Yourself to Success, Success
May 01, 2020

On the podding menu today, tax evasion, and how it all started - and how its still a-happenin - as well as self-help and the self-help industry ! So help yourself to a portion of issues, with songs of course, Taxman Dont Take my Money by Ben, which i

A Baby & Toddler Special with Vaccines & Nappies. Also, Cocaine.
April 06, 2020

Today on Issues & Songs, why its important to vaccinate your kids, and why Marine is upset that a certain Andy guy mislead the public with biased research. Also baby-themed, nappies ! Or diapers, depending which English you English.A little bit of ex

The Patriarchy's Downstairs Discrepancy and Cementing a Concrete Future for our Green Green Earth
October 28, 2019

Our website’s got a fresh new look: it’s so come drop by and say hi !Today, we get started with the patriarchy, the world of and for men, and how this impacts female contraception. That’s just after brief meanderings about the political

Yellow fever patriotism, dead fish and plastic, plastic plastic
January 28, 2019

Join Ben and Marine for the new episode of the Issues and Songs podcast! It's non-recyclable. A bit like plastic. And before we dealve into that, a bit of a makeover for the happy-passionate lovers of flags and singing with clenched fists.Marine's article

Presentations, efficient naps, EU-phemisms and Bayer-Voldemonsanto
January 21, 2019

Ben & Marine discuss and sing about various contemporary topics.