Isaac's Autism in the Wild

Isaac's Autism in the Wild

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Episode #19 | Autism Bloopers
November 04, 2019

Over the years, my friends and family have enjoyed reading many of my hysterical stories that I affectionately call my Adventures of Sockpants & Super Heroes.  In this episode, a group of parents joined me to share some of their personal autism blooper...

Episode #18 | Sleep Issues
November 04, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I’ll do just about anything to get a decent night of sleep.  In this episode of ISAAC’s Autism in the Wild you’ll find that you’re not alone if you have unconventional strategies to encourage sleep as well as hear more about...

Episode #17 | Parent Guilt
October 22, 2019

I think that all parents feel guilt in some capacity when it comes to raising children.  Unfortunately, the feeling of guilt sometimes runs a little deeper when your child has special needs. In this podcast,

Episode #16 | Independent Living
October 14, 2019

In this episode, I sat down with Rachael Leonard who not only is a parent to two amazing young people with an autism spectrum disorder, she also has spent the majority of her carrier working to support clients in a supported living environment.

Episode #15 | CBD Debate
October 07, 2019

Our goal as parents is to help our special needs loved one become the best they can be.  CBD has been a hot debate for many years.  In this podcast we discuss why some parents have elected to give it a try.

Episode #14 | Strategies for Picky Eaters
September 30, 2019

This is one of my favorite podcast recordings so far.  In this laugh-out-loud episode, a group of autism parents joined me to commiserate about the challenges of  having a picky eater. We shared a variety of stories and strategies such as: The ‘wonderf...

Episode #13 | Extended Family Conflict
September 24, 2019

Conflict is never easy, especially when it arises within your own family.  In this podcast a couple of dads spent time with me talking about how conflict within their extended family arose related to: Denial of the autism diagnosis by extended family m...

Episode #12 | Family Activities
September 23, 2019

We set a new guest attendance record for this fun podcast recording where we all shared stories about family activities that may not have gone exactly as expected.  Trust us, it does get better with time and some therapy interventions under your belt.

Episode #11 | Caregiver Self-Care
September 13, 2019

Our focus this week is on caregiver self-care.  Self-care is difficult for any parent to fit into their day – but it often becomes more challenging for parents of special needs kids when respite care is hard to come by.

Episode #10 | AAC Speech Output Devices for Communication
September 04, 2019

My special guest this week is Lauren Swineford, research professor at Washington State University. Dr. Laurie (as we like to call her) is a speech-language pathologist and assistant professor at Washington State University.