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Intrapreneur Stories

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Guy Claesen — The symbiotic relationship between startups and corporations
August 02, 2019

Our guest today is serial venture builder and former CEO of eXpanded Media Guy Claesen. We learned all about how eXpanded Media grew from a small internet tech unit within Ubizen (an internet security corporation), to a fully functional and independent co

Jochem Baars — Cutting through the red tape of large organizations
July 04, 2019

Jochem Baars is the intrapreneur behind Tellow, a bookkeeping app for freelancers created at Rabobank. Baars was able to conceptualize, prototype and launch the first MVP in less than 1 year. An impressive feat, if you consider the bureaucracy and corpora

William de Vos — building a new parcel delivery service in the emerging sharing economy: Parcify by Bpost
May 09, 2019

Our guest William De Vos was Parcify's first ever employee before it was acquired by bpost. Get to know how it became a corporate startup and learn about William’s intrapreneurial journey!

#12 Hugo Pinto: Digital Transformation through Data Monetization: Telefonica Smart Steps
October 08, 2018

What happens when a portuguese guy, a spanish guy and a canadian guy get together to talk about digital transformation? No, it's not the beginning of a joke. It's the start of a corporate venture that is set to improving business operation through real-ti

#11 Kenny Henderyckx: Why we’re investing in free-roam VR as a Telco
September 24, 2018

For a bit over a year, Kenny Henderyckx was the lead in the project that ended up being The Park Playground. Launched on May 2018, The Park is a pioneering entertainment venue that means to introduce new technologies, such as free-roam virtual reality, to

#10 Paul Ellingstad: The Social Responsibility of Corporations
September 10, 2018

Being it donating unpronounceable amounts of money to NGOs, giving away their top-of-the-line products or raising their own foundations and social organisations, philanthropy is no longer just an altruistic action, but also a political game and a race to

#9 Yulia Savitskaya: Building a $2M Revenue Business in Leadership Development
August 27, 2018

Based on the vibrant startup hub of San Francisco, Yulia Savitskaya led a small team of intrapreneurs to create an innovative, “powerpoint-free” leadership development program within Great Place To Work - a global management consultancy with franchise

#8 Jason Stamm: A business model for sustainability in the beer industry
August 13, 2018

Jason Stamm joined AbInBev knowing that he would be embarking on a journey of disruptive intrapreneurship. He ended up advocating for sustainable innovation in the beer industry, giving the spent grains a new nutritious and delicious life in the form of C

#7 Gib Bulloch: Can Social Intrapreneurship Add Value to your Business?
July 30, 2018

Gib Bulloch - author of 'The Intrapreneur - Confessions of a corporate insurgent' - had a traditionally "successful" job in a big corporation, but still felt a sense of unfulfillment. When he discovered the need for his business skills within NGOs, in les

#6 Isabel do Vale: Customers Kept Us Going in a New Market
July 16, 2018

Isabel Almiro do Vale had an unusual experience with intrapreneurship. Instead of growing into the role from within the company, she was hired deliberately by Syngenta to be in charge of a new venture: making a brand out of a flower. Isabel takes us thro