Into the C-Suite

Into the C-Suite

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Views and Perspectives on the Golf Ball Rollback Controversy with Keith Blakely and Dave Bisbee (Ep. 9)
February 12, 2024

Step onto the lush greens where golf and business connect, as your host Jim Cascino delves into the sizzling debate shaking up the golfing world the recent and controversial golf ball rollback decre

Conversations from the 19th Hole with Dave Bisbee (Ep. 8)
September 21, 2023

Most business owners want to build their businesses and generate new clients. Many business owners also want to play golf. Why not combine the two and create a powerful business development approach w

Understanding Employee Psychology to Accelerate Business Growth With Jackie Lord (Ep. 7)
June 28, 2023

You could hire the best of the best and still not achieve the growth rate you should. Why is that? Because the employees arent in the right positions for their mindset. In this episode, Jim Cascino

Concise Presentations Without Winging It With Kristy Siefkin (Ep.6)
December 01, 2022

Creating an engaging presentation can be harder than it seems. How can you avoid the major pitfalls of data dumps and cognitive dissonance? In this episode, Jim Cascino speaks with Kristy Siefkin, Fou

Bridging Strategies to Drive Success for Clients, Employees, and Businesses with Nicole Bojic (Ep 5)
September 09, 2022

With a proactive and strategic approach, small, midsize, and startup companies can seize opportunities that will increase the sustainability of their business and drive success for clients, employees, The Modern Dentistry Service Disruptor with Keith Harband (Ep. 4)
August 17, 2022

Launching a business is never an easy task. When your goal is to change the model of an enormous industry, it takes a strong business acumen and a dedicated team that can sift through the noise from c

Face Your Capital Crisis Head On with Jim Burke (Ep. 3)
July 20, 2022

As youre building a business, candor, honesty and over-communication with your financial team is never a bad ideabecause what happens if the money stops flowing and you find yourself with a lack of

Positioning Reveals Your True North in the Marketplace with Tim Manning (Ep. 2)
June 22, 2022

A key role of marketing is to showcase your product or service in the best possible light, turning prospects into customers. Successfully positioning your company and its brand is the path. In this ep

Guiding And Motivating CEOs And Their C-Suite Executives To Faster, Bigger, Better Outcomes (Ep. 1)
June 22, 2022

You cant let the urgent crowd out the important. Urgencies happen all day long and theyre a part of every business. So scheduling time to deal with them is good business. But, its the important i

November 08, 2021