In the Business of Change

In the Business of Change

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In Search of Conscious Travel: Tyson Sadler & Melissa Matlow of The Last Tourist
May 27, 2022

Conservation expert & film director discuss new documentary that highlights the downsides of mass tourism

Championing Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Alan Kriss of Specialisterne
April 11, 2022

How we're creating more equitable and inclusive opportunities for all

Investing in Women: Marissa Bronfman of Kizmet Impact Capital
March 08, 2022

This entrepreneur-turned-impact investor is on a mission to level the funding playing field

Igniting Brighter Futures for Young Mothers: Laura Zumdahl of Bright Endeavors
February 14, 2022

Candle-making business helps young mothers overcome poverty through job training and skills development

Ending Disability Poverty: In conversation with Al Etmanski
January 26, 2022

We explore this changemaker's lifelong dedication to advocacy and activism

A Recipe for Change: Pam Fanjoy of Fanjoy Culinary & Wellness Centre
November 26, 2021

Demonstrating that cooking delicious food together can prove transformative

Slow Fashion Meets (Genuine) Sustainability: Kristi Soomer of Encircled
October 21, 2021

With a focus on people and planet, this entrepreneur is embracing a new model for the fashion industry

Addressing Environmental Racism: Ingrid Waldron of ‘There’s Something in the Water’
June 22, 2021

Giving a voice to the marginalized communities of Nova Scotia

Toward Gender Parity in Government: Tiffany Gardner of ReflectUS
May 26, 2021

One group is determined to get more women into office, believing government should reflect the people it governs

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Employment: Maria Kim of Cara
May 10, 2021

On its thirtieth anniversary, we profile Cara, an organization that helps people find jobs and opportunity in Chicago