Interviews for Resistance

Interviews for Resistance

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Prison strikers building a movement for justice and decarceration, with Janos Marton
August 29, 2018

As the national prison strike continues, we look at the movement within which it is situated.

A new agenda for labor law, with Celine McNicholas
August 23, 2018

Labor law has been dismantled over the past few decades, but new energy makes this a good time to rewrite it.

Continuing the teachers' fight in West Virginia, with Rebecca Diamond
August 15, 2018

West Virginia teachers kicked off a strike wave this winter--but their struggle is far from over, says one teacher.

Contesting the Right's Designs on Public Space, with Prof. Jalane Schmidt
August 08, 2018

The anniversary of the "Unite the Right" march in Charlottesville is this week, and the left and right are mobilizing around the country.

Building the movement for Medicare for All, with Benjamin Day
August 01, 2018

This week was the 53rd anniversary of Medicare, the beloved healthcare program, and activists used it as a launchpad to discuss truly universal care.

Pressing Amazon to stop cooperating with ICE, with Cata Santiago of Movimiento Cosecha
July 25, 2018

As strikes hit Amazon warehouses overseas, American immigrant organizers target the company for its sale of facial recognition tech to ICE.

Keeping the pressure on Chuck Schumer and the Democrats, with Liat Olenick of Indivisible Nation BK
July 18, 2018

Activists aim to make sure that Democrats stand united in opposition to Trump's Supreme Court nominee, and that they fight for real policy change.

Occupy and abolish ICE, with George Ciccariello-Maher
July 12, 2018

Around the country, as the demand to abolish ICE spreads, occupations of its offices are springing up.

The Supreme Court and the corporate class, with Saqib Bhatti
July 04, 2018

The Supreme Court handed down a batch of decisions last week that hurt working people, particularly people of color. What can be done?

Our immigration policy has always separated families, with Jess Morales Rocketto
June 27, 2018

Domestic workers know better than anyone the myriad ways that US immigration policy has ripped families apart.