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Energy Realities

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) - Tom Nelson LIVE: 8:00 AM Monday

March 25, 2024

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) - Tom Nelson LIVE: 8:00 AM Monday

The Monday Morning gang is at it again. Irina, Tammy, David, and Stu have a special guest: Tom Nelson! We are talking about his new movie, Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) - Tom Nelson. We have a preview and will take LIVE questions on X, LinkedIn and YouTube. Buckle up, bring your popcorn, and ask questions. - See you Monday.

The gang of 4 from the UK, US, Bulgaria, are ready for Monday morning. Get your coffee, or expresso, and ask us questions live on YouTube, X, or LinkedIn!

David Blackmon, Principal at DB Energy Advisors, Energy Author, Contributing Author for Forbes, and Podcast Host. Contact on Twitter @EnergyAbsurdity

Irina Slav, International Author for Oil Price, Substack, and others, Writing about Energy, Mining, and Geopolitical Issues. Bulgaria Contact on Twitter @SlavEnergy


Tammy Nemeth

Energy Consulting Specialist

Stu Turley

President, and CEO, Sandstone Group, Podcast Host

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