Everyday Bliss for the Modern Woman

Everyday Bliss for the Modern Woman

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How To Live From Desire
June 23, 2019

  - Desire is one of my favorite words AND the most powerful force there is. -   - I guarantee that, hiding within ever desire you have ever had, is the deeper underlying desire for the experience you get to have of yourself as you open up to,

How To Stop Holding Your Happiness Hostage
June 03, 2019

  - I'm going to dive right in here by asking you what might be a confronting question. - When was the last time you caught yourself either saying silently to yourself or out loud: - "If only circumstances would change, then I would feel happy."

How To Avoid The Grief of an Un-lived Life
May 22, 2019

  - We tend to walk through our lives in the trance of: - "I’ll be happier when...." - "I’ll feel better when...." - "I'll finally love myself when...." -   - This is what has us trade in our opportunity for joy and to be fully alive in the now f...

The “Less-Is-More-Approach” to Sacred Sexual Empowerment
May 12, 2019

  - This week, I've been preparing for a couple of upcoming workshops on some of my favorite topics: - + Harnessing the power of pleasure - + The theory of orgasm - + Awakening the ecstatic response -

How to BE the Source of That Which You Desire
April 23, 2019

  - How fortunate we are to have the incredible freedom of being able to decide who it is we desire to be, how it is we desire to feel, and the way in which we desire to show up in the face of any circumstance and then embodying THAT woman. -   -

An Essential Practice to Embody Unshakable Self-Love
February 16, 2019

  - Every Wednesday during the month of February, I’m sharing a new pillar of self-love along with a daily practice for the week, reflections, and integration tips. I’ve selected four of my favorite pillars that I believe will have the biggest impact ...

The Power of Sacred Space
February 11, 2019

  - If you’re anything like I am, you get so busy in the go-go-go momentum of doing and distractions of every day productivity that the risk of losing yourself in the hustle is increasingly high unless we create the self-honoring boundaries required t...

Liberate The Spark of Your Aliveness
September 27, 2018

  - Today, I’m going to continue where I left off in my last episode and tell you the essential next step after holding space for our desires and share with you even more that I love about the work I do. - In my last email,

Hold Space For Your Desire
September 22, 2018

  - I'm going to share with you an experience I recently had in which I found myself out of alignment and then tell you what I did to come back into alignment and make a different choice from there, so that you can apply it to yourself in your own lif...