The Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast

The Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast

EP 109 – Reuters Events Part 1: Accelerating Underwriting Transformation

July 25, 2021

Reuters Event Part 1: The world is always changing. It’s the only constant. But with the accelerated change of the past 12 months, insurance carriers are racing to adapt to a world of new risks that many underwriters are struggling to keep up with. Carriers need to empower their underwriting organizations with new data and new tools, with a focus on continuous improvement or risk falling fowl of disruption and new risks.

Hear from our panel of industry titans as they explore how underwriters can prepare for new data and new risks in our first post-event webinar:

Abel Travis (Vice President & Head of Fundamental Underwriters, AF Group)

Stephanie Rushforth (Senior Vice President, Head of Underwriting Operations, Hiscox USA)

Janet Moylan (Senior Vice President, North American Underwriting Operations, Allied World)

Eugene Lee (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Insurance Suite, Guidewire)

Moderated by Bryan Falchuk

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